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At Erik Buchér, P.C. our mission is clear: To provide each of our clients with exceptional legal representation in the areas of criminal law. Erik M. Buchér realizes that each client’s situation is unique and consistently focuses his efforts on obtaining the best resolution to your case. As a small law firm with a limited caseload, Erik Buchér, P.C. is able to provide each client with individualized attention, a factor that is too often overlooked in larger firms.

Portland Metro Area Criminal Defense Attorney

Erik Buchér, P.C.'s criminal defense law practice is headed by Erik Buchér, a Portland metro area criminal defense attorney. Erik is a criminal defense lawyer whose practice is devoted exclusively to representing those charged with criminal offenses. As an experienced trial lawyer, Erik has represented clients in a wide range of criminal matters, including individuals charged with DUII, traffic offenses, theft, major drug felonies, sex offenses, domestic assault, burglary, robbery, and attempted murder.

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An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in the metro area

Erik Buchér represents clients in the following areas of criminal defense:

  • Theft Offenses
  • Probation Violations
  • Expunction of Criminal Records
  • Stalking Orders and Restraining Orders

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, or is about to be charged with a criminal offense, please contact our office or call 503.789.4134.

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